About Me

My name is Stephanie Moore. I’m from Phoenix, lived in Maryland 10 years, and am now a Utah resident.

I married my awesome hubby, Lance, in 2000 and together we added 4 amazing kids in as many years. We started out with twins, Chiler and Xander. Two years later Dax joined us. Then two years after that we welcomed our first and only daughter, Rory.

Writing has become quite a passion for the last few years. Mostly, I write for teenagers. I love that age in life. It’s where we figure out who we are, who we want to be, and find where we fit. I love having teenage boys!

As a family we lived a happy, busy life with school, karate, gymnastics, church, family, and friends. But life didn’t go according to our plan.

Our lives are quite different after November 13, 2017.

And also the same.

We still live a relatively happy life. We’re a little less busy, purposefully. Family along with faith are most important. We look to share a bit more love. We’ve discovered that time is precious and we don’t know how much we’ll get.

Hugs and Love to all reading this.